Wooden Gifts Made in Ireland


Clover Woodcraft is located on the border of County Kildare. We specialise in Irish Grown wood showcasing the best Ireland has to offer in home grown timbers.


What started as a hobby for Michael, turned into a small family run business in 2019. Michael has numerous years’ experience working with wood and is a qualified carpenter by trade, it was not long before the whole family caught the wood turning bug. Our children have both shown a keen interest in learning and developing the wood turning skills and we are hopeful that this wonderful tradition will continue for years to come. Every member of our family plays a role in our business, from sourcing wood to sanding which helps us to achieve the flawless finish of our products.

We sourced our woods responsible from storm damaged, fallen or failing trees. We carefully choose wood with distinctive or unusual patterns, to make our eye-catching pieces. Our items are made by skilled crafts people and finished to a very high standard. Much care is given in finishing our products, making them ideal wooden gifts for a special person in your life, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, and housewarming gifts. We use all Irish grown hardwood's including Ash, Oak, Yew, Chestnut, Beech, Elm, Hawthorn and Cherry. Our stock is updated regularly, and we are always looking to expand with different wooden product or wooden gifts.  

At Clover Woodcraft we have full control over our product processing our own wood from native Irish Trees. We plank our own wood directly from the tree to the desired size we wish to use on our lathe or for us as cutting boards or shelves. These planks are then allowed to air dry outside before any more work is completed in the process. From these wooden planks wood turning blanks are cut these are used to make wood turned bowls, wood turned mugs, wood turned goblets and clocks.
We use traditional woodcraft techniques when processing our woods, and endeavour to reduce waste as much as possible. At Clover Woodcraft we do not rush our one of a kind wood turned gifts, we do not offer production line each piece’s each piece is unique and features spectacular wood grain patterns. Our specially selected woods are allowed the appropriated time needed to naturally dry before any more work is completed. Most of our wood products are turned twice on the lathe, once wet turned to effectively reduce the moisture content in the wood and a second time to shape and finish our wooden gifts.

If you do not see what you are looking for please contact Michael or Catherine at Clover Woodcraft and we can discuss your wood design. We have worked on specialised products and commissions over the years including garden furniture, spindle restoration projects and commemorative pieces. We welcome all commissions. We are also happy to accept wood from your own garden to make an extra special piece which will hold more sentimental value.


Irish Grown Wood.

At Clover Woodcraft we promote Irish Grown and produced timber. Our products are sourced from the Irish countryside making them 100% truly Irish. Our products embody the spirit of the wild Irish countryside filled with energy and power of our native land.

Below are some products we have made in the past all from Irish Grown Timbers.

Customer Reviews: These are "knock your eyes out" colors - how gorgeous they are! The bowl design is unique and well done. Finish is superb. Overall an A+++ bowl - thank you!!