Ancient Irish Bog Oak Clock, Handcrafted Irish Bog Oak Wood


Ancient Irish Bog Oak Wall Clock with blue and turquoise resin. 

Previously on sale for €240 reduced to €195.00.
This ancient piece of Oak comes from a bog in central Ireland. It sat hidden away carefully persevered until it was discovered in 2014.

We were lucky to be offered this amazing piece of history, imagine what has come to pass since this majestic Oak last stood overlooking the Irish countryside. 

After years of life surrounded by peat and water, this piece had spilt and cracked making it ideal for use with resin. On our first pour, we decided on a turquoise colour before subsequent finishing in a complimenting blue. 

We also inserted a gold 100mm gold quartz clock face. 

This piece measures approximately 550mm in length and 150mm in width. 

Currently reduced from €240 to