Extra Large Spalted Beech Clock


Extra large Spalted Beech Live Edge Clock.

This exceptional product was chosen because of the amazing spalted pattern. Source from Co Kilkenny this beech tree lived a long life before being removed from its home due to its large size. It was left to spalt over the course of 3 years before any work began to transform the tree into this beautiful finished product.

Made in our workshop in Maganey on the borders of Carlow, Kildare and, Laois.

We flattened this piece before allowing it to dry naturally over the course of a year. It is finished with a coat of linseed oil.

The silver spray design of the clock complements the timber, making it a design which attracts the eye to this stunning piece without over powering the timber. 

Approx Measurements

Wide 600mm

Length 1140mm

Category Clock