Irish Hawthorn Wooden Rolling Pin


Irish Hawthorn Rolling Pins.

Handmade in Ireland.

The Hawthorn tree or bush is a very common plant in Ireland seen in hedgerows across the country. It is noticeable from its long spiny branches,  

We were delighted to work with this particular timber as it is not very common to get in larger pieces.  We found this a challenging timber to work with due to its tight grain pattern which is prone to cracking and splitting while drying.

We were delighted with the results of these finished products, the pale colour of the timber and the accent colours near the bark is a sight to behold. The tight grain pattern leaves a smooth,  polished appearance to this timber.

These Rolling pins make the perfect addition to any kitchen, they are an excellent weight for moving pastry or dough.

Hawthorn sourced from Co Waterford.