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Wood Turned Burl Horse Chestnut Live Edge Bowl


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Wood Turned Burl Horse Chestnut Live Edge Bowl 

Made in our workshop on the borders of Co Carlow, Kildare and Laois in Ireland.

The timber for this project was sourced from Co Carlow because of it unique and unusual grain pattern.
This wood is highly figured making it a very desirable piece, it has unusual contrasting colours running trough the piece which are appealing to the eye. This bowl features natural occurring bark inclusions. 

This bowl has been twice turned, firstly wet turned and allowed to dry naturally in our workshop in 2018.
It was again turned when it had reach optimum moisture content, before being finished to the above shape.
Great time and effort was put into the making of this amazing bowl.

Final design and finish was complete on the lathe.

This bowl has been finished in a food safe Shelac.
Approx. Measurements External: 265mm x 95mm

Wood Care: Wash all items in a warm lightly soaped water, drying immediately after.
Do not soak your item in water, do not leave to drip dry.
Apply a coat of food safe oil several times a year to preserve the wood.