Wood Turned Irish Cherry Wooden Bowl Wood Turned Irish Cherry Wooden Bowl

Wood Care 


We recommend after each use, wash your bowl or board with mild dish soap and warm water and dry immediately. Never leave your wooden item to soak or to dry naturally because it can crack and warp. For the same reason, don't leave your wooden bowl in the fridge or full of moist food, and don't even consider putting it in the dishwasher. Don’t leave moist food in the bowl after use, and don’t let fruit spoil in the bowl, or it may stain.

 Prolonged use of liquids is not recommended for wooden bowls and will damage the wood. Moisture is the enemy of all wood finishes because no finish is permanently waterproof. When moisture meets the wood fibers, they swell slightly, and the finish starts to break down.

If you want to keep a wood turned item in as-new condition, protect it from knocks and scratches. Don’t expose it to liquids. If you keep your wood turned item dry, it will need nothing more than perhaps an occasional rub with oil.

You can remove scratches, superficial stains, and small dents. Rub along the line of the grain with very fine abrasive paper, lubricated with finishing oil. Wipe off surplus oil before it dries.




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