Traditional Wood Turned Irish Craft.

At Clover Woodcraft we believing in producing high quality wood turned products. We have spent many years perfecting our hobby, and growing it into a business. We love working with unseasoned Irish timbers and allowing them the time to dry naturally before finishing our designs.
We are always surprised to find, hidden treasures behind the bark when we start to process our timber. Each piece shows great character, and we enjoy enhancing what natural beauty lies within each piece of timber.

Handmade wooden products using wood turning methods.

Great time and effort goes into make our products unique and special.
Our process generally starts with selecting a raw unprocessed piece of timber. The timber is cut into slabs or blanks ,this lumber is allowed between 1 and 5 years to dry before any lathe work is completed. 
All of our wooden bowls are wood turned twice on the lathe and finished to a very high standard. We use food safe finishes on all our products.

High Quality Wooden Products

 We are always amazed by what distinct features we find hidden

behind the bark when we start to process our lumber. We love working with highly figured timber, and maximizing natures beauty to its full extent in our product range. 

We find joy in turning unprocessed lumber into amazing, tactile,practical, versatile products.

  • Olive ash
    Olive ash